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Struggles come in many shapes and forms. They affect our lives and influence our future. They can be Life Changes such as moving, relocation, marriage, divorce, birth of child, death or dealing with an empty nest. They might be career or professional changes including a new position or company, a promotion, entrepreneurship, entering the workforce, moving from peer to leader, or surviving a layoff. Relationship Changes can also turn your life upside down beginning with blending families, step-parenting, living with an abuser or an addict, not to mention the distress of a break up. Some of us suffer health or personal issues including obesity, addiction, sexual orientation challenges, anxiety, disease or even depression.
Everyone seems to have their own interpretation of what the Mind/Body/Soul balance entails. The overall consensus seems to be that finding the perfect combination of these three components will insure for you, the perfect life. Seems simple, right? Ah, but this is one circumstance when the devil truly does lie in the details! Obviously no two humans are the same; therefore, the recipe for finding balance is different for each and every person. There are however, a few common practices that can help you in your search for a healthy, happy, peaceful life. Let’s examine a few myths, routines and methods for finding inner peace and happiness

Your mind is command central for your well-being. When your emotions are out of whack or your mind is cluttered and being attacked by negative messages it becomes difficult to maintain a healthy, can-do attitude. Mindset matters!


Our bodies are the vehicles that help us navigate through this physical world. Staying (or getting) physically fit is essential to living a healthy life. Whether its wellness and/or weight loss or some other life event (career, lifestyle, family, loss, etc.) you must give your body the right fuel to perform at its best.


OK, we know, some of you see this as the “woo-woo” stuff. . but. . . .Soul is what drives us, the core of who we are. We’re all energy and by focusing on our energy we manifest things in our life. At the deepest level, soul is where we feel love and happiness. It’s where we connect with ourselves and others.

The reality is everyone faces struggles in their lives, some big some small. Sometimes we just need a little support and encouragement to get through them. Life often presents us with setbacks and difficulties that force us to venture outside of our comfort zones. Finding your tribe of like-minded people will help you succeed and triumph over your struggle, which will in turn enable you to keep pushing forward. We believe the key to overcoming your struggles involves a universal mind, body, soul approach. Join us and discover the path to the rich, rewarding future that is out there waiting for you.

About US

Two Ordinary Girls with Extraordinary Dreams
Shari Yantes

Shari Yantes

Shari Yantes

Shari Yantes

They started out as just two ordinary girls with extraordinary dreams growing up in similar situations, living worlds apart. They traveled parallel paths, in that both were the offspring of dysfunctional families comprised of predictably, unpredictable alcoholic fathers and weary, disheartened emotionally abused mothers. Coincidentally, both of their families owned struggling, corner bars in tiny small-minded towns which contributed to the demise of two doomed and hopeless marriages. Each of the youngsters suffered painful self-image issues throughout their school years with Alana always being the heaviest kid in the class and Shari consistently towering above everyone else in hers. The other children, predictably brash and cruel, tormented the girls and though they coexisted in different worlds, the miles could not separate the similar feelings of loneliness and sadness which encompassed their lives. In an effort to prove their worth and fit in, each immersed themselves in their studies, school clubs, teams and organizations which helped them to become overachievers, keep busy and ignore the anguish which surrounded them. Their only goal in life became to just grow up and get out.

This is where their once parallel lives broke off into different directions. The small town girls eventually ended up in the big, bad city where they would each face tremendous struggles including physical abuse, alcoholism, addiction, divorce, death and financial ruin. They were fated to spend the next two decades learning to conquer the demons which continued to invade and disrupt their lives. The devastating battles were unbearable and overwhelming at times sending each of the young women over the edge, plummeting to what would be their indisputable, unavoidable rock bottom.

Every single one of you will eventually find yourself plunging toward your own inescapable version of rock bottom. Some of you will hit your lowest point harder than others but it will be unquestionably be the worst day of your life. On this fateful day, how you got to this point will no longer be of issue. What will matter is how to find the strength and fortitude to move forward and get back up. The steps you take and the choices you make on this day, will determine the future of your existence. Both Alana and Shari chose to turn their struggles into lessons while searching for answers. With every answer came the possibility for change and along with that change came a reason to go on and the courage to dream. We all have the ability to overcome our hardships and misfortunes and with that power, we are obliged and compelled to support the others we find struggling along the way. Pick a Struggle Enterprises was developed as a vessel to help you reach your restoration, recovery and your resurrection. In joining our community, you become one of the family. Within this site you will find a safe, comforting place full of like-minded people who will support, motivate and stimulate one another. Together we can overcome the daily struggles that we face in our lives.

Shari and Alana have developed a fabulous new place to hang out, make friends and read motivational stories of success. The site will feature interviews with both members and experts on a huge variety of topics which affect all of our lives including everything from weight loss, divorce and addiction to abuse, alternative lifestyles and relationships. There will be pictures and quotes along with little bites of inspiration. It will also afford you the opportunity to join webinars, group chats and google hangouts. The Pick a Struggle page will become your first stop every morning in your search to create a more positive, fulfilling life. Hit the button and join today!

Team Cupcake

Having overcome our struggles, we'll help you overcome yours
Alana Marie Faulk
Alana’s Struggles include:
Lifelong morbid obesity
Food and alcohol addiction
Sexual orientation
Financial collapse
Death and Loss
Shari Yantes
Shari’s Struggles include:
Physical and emotional abuse
Divorce and blended families
Layoffs and financial setbacks
Family member’s addictions
Sexual orientation
Death and loss


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